Chiefs TE Travis Kelce mocked MLB’s career change on April Fools’ Day

The annual tradition of April Fools’ Day has brought out the best and worst of pranks on everyone across the country. The headlines and stories on April 1 had everyone on social media skeptical, not fully trusting the statements of celebrities, athletes and commentators.

The lure of the holidays was not lost on Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce when he took to Twitter to announce a career change Friday night. The sudden change of heart saw Kelce go from an NFL football career to an MLB career as a member of the Chicago Cubs. He recently visited the team and posed for a photo with a member of the team’s staff, also practicing batting.

The All-Pro compared his switch to baseball to former basketball player Michael Jordan’s actual decision to do so in 1993.

“I have idolized MJ since I was a young athlete,” Kelce wrote in a Twitter post. “Although basketball was not my path, I have decided to follow in his footsteps in a different way. I am officially announcing that I will be stepping away from football to pursue my childhood dreams with the Cubs. Thank you, #ChiefsKingdom.”

Kelce has been a proud tri-sport athlete growing up, playing at Cleveland Heights High School. He had an amusing response on social media about why Kansas City Royals teammate and co-owner Patrick Mahomes didn’t offer to sign him to a major league contract in Kansas City.

Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman has already welcomed Kelce if he decides to make the trade and join the team.

The tweet was clearly made in jest given the date, but Chiefs fans are still adjusting to the reality of parting ways with wide receiver Tyreek Hill. The fanbase was a bit on edge thanks to Kelce’s prank as the team gears up for the new season.


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