Ely Business Networking Organizer Network Central Wins 2022 Business Champion Award for Covid Success Against All Odds!

Champions in Crisis 2022 awarded for resilience and quick thinking in pandemic.

Ely Breakfast Networking for Business is delighted to share some news!

Network Central, the new home of 4Networking, the national business networking organization, won the National Champions in Crisis 2022 Award at Canary Wharf’s East Wintergardens on Wednesday 23 March.

The group was founded by motivational speaker and entrepreneur Brad Burton in 2006, and now has a bi-weekly breakfast meeting in Ely.

4Networking’s turnover went from £2m to £0 overnight as its 5000 meetings nationwide each year, including 3 in the local area, were immediately canceled as a result of the restrictions and lockdown. Fast-forwarding, meetings moved online, the first business networking organization to do so, and a new platform, Network Central, was created for both business appointments and community support.

Network Central was nominated against brands like Insignia and Mercedes’ AMG and DPD UK, and was awarded first place by BBC News at Ten presenter Huw Edwards. Ironically, founder Brad Burton was unable to attend after testing positive for covid the day before, but directors Terry Cooper and Jen Hinds accepted the award.

Ruth Buckley, Ely Meeting Group Leader says “Network Central was more crucial than ever for businesses in Ely as the pandemic hit, as being able to go online and receive business and moral support was the only way for many to survive. We are so glad that he came out the other side and now we can meet face to face again. We meet bi-weekly at The High Flyer. Well done to everyone involved for winning this award.”

“Everything happens for a reason, and it doesn’t always make sense, until it’s in your rearview mirror” says founder Brad Burton. “We had to start from scratch in a way, but with previous experience of building a business against all odds, people said 4Networking would never work when I started the organization in 2006 while delivering pizza on the weekends to keep it afloat. Covid almost put us out of business and winning this award is a testament to everyone who stuck with us and supported us through this very difficult period. It is indicative of a new dawn for UK SMEs in general.” Ironically, two years to the day Boris Johnson first told us to stay home, we won this award. We really got over it. Together!

4Networking was started in 2006 by entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker Brad Burton to provide friendly, informal networking for entrepreneurs across the country. It has grown to become the largest business networking organization in the UK, with over 5,000 weekly meetings. When these were canceled overnight by the lockdown, the network moved online to Network Central and now operates both online and with its trademark face-to-face events.

The next Ely meeting will take place on 7th April 2022. For more information please contact Ruth Buckley, info@truthhrsolutions.co.uk

Network Central press release

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