Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University organizes a series of events to celebrate ‘Reading Month 2022’

Dubai, UAE – Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) organized a series of events in March to celebrate ‘Reading Month 2022’, under the banner ‘UAE Reads’, which is an annual nationwide event, aimed at promote the culture of reading. among future generations to equip them with the necessary knowledge to further advance the development process of the UAE.

HE Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor of HBMSU, said: “UAE Reading Month aims to enable and enhance the soft skills of future generations, in line with our wise leadership’s vision of investing in youth. from the UAE. As a leading academic institution in e-learning in the Arab region, the university has been eager to invest in this national event and has launched several events and initiatives throughout the month, which contribute to the dissemination and consolidation of intellectual, literary and academic knowledge. . cultures, in order to achieve the progress of people, institutions and society”.

His Excellency further praised the efforts of all the participants, including the younger generations, academics and members of the association, emphasizing how the events and workshops witnessed wide participation and interaction. The initiative contributes to the enrichment and promotion of the cultural and knowledge environment and is in line with the important roles played by all national institutions in the country with a view to consolidating the UAE’s position as the capital of culture and knowledge in the world.

Events included an online workshop on March 3, titled “Writing Well: How to Write Your Essay or Article,” hosted by Dr. Meera Al Marri, Assistant Professor, Chair in Collaborative Research at HBMSU. The workshop focused on effective methods for writing articles and research papers, as well as understanding well-written strategies. On March 9, the university’s Smart Book Club launched the ‘Reading Knights Competition 2022’, aimed at promoting creative, scientific and literary writing, as well as the ‘Let’s Read’ contest on March 18, which brought together all university members. governing bodies, departments and staff to promote reading and the exchange of ideas and cultures.

On March 24, HBMSU hosted a panel discussion titled “Literary Writing” featuring Saeed Abdullah Al Khoury, self-development writer and author, social media activist, and influencer, followed by Abdulrahman Al Raeisi, a member of the Highway and Transport Authority. Youth Council, Dubai and writer for Al-Bayan, who participated virtually. In addition, Dr. Shaima Al Harmoodi, an assistant professor at HBMSU, conducted a workshop entitled ‘Group Work: Strategies for Success’, as well as a campaign launched by the university’s Smart Book Club to distribute books to staff of the University.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University offers unique opportunities for lifelong learning, based on modern strategies and tools founded on the latest innovative technologies for the knowledge economy era. The university aspires to create a qualitative change in regional education, establishing goals that go beyond the conventional objectives of universities and are based on smart education, lifelong learning, educational restructuring and quality in general.


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