Ankeny Teen’s Sportswear Business, 4th Lane Running, Takes Off

A high school student in Ankeny built his own six-figure retail business before graduating.

London Schuchart, a senior at Ankeny High School, owns and operates 4th Lane Running from her home. The company focuses on selling sports equipment, whether it’s discounted retail items, products released online in small quantities, or hard-to-find gear delivered directly to athletes that would otherwise be stored in a closet. at the end of a season.

“I’ve always wanted to own a business,” said Schuchart, who started out in elementary school selling a neighborhood newspaper to friends.

The idea for 4th Lane came to Schuchart during his sophomore year, when he was sidelined with an injury during the cross country season and had the wrong size undercarriage.

I couldn’t return it and I didn’t want to resell it with an online service that charged a fee. So he decided to do it himself, and soon heard from others who wanted to sell his stuff through him.

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