Bitcoin Industry Day 2022 to provide crypto networking event

Miami, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – April 3, 2022) – Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, Florida this year will host Industry Day on the first of four days that will make up the BTC 2022 experience. The Industry is made up of several unique events geared towards companies and individuals working in the Bitcoin industry, but will include a crypto network meet and greet as well as an investor meet and greet, both of which will bring together companies and investors to interact and potentially working together to scale working ideas and business models based on Bitcoin already in place in many cases.

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Bitcoin Industry Day Networking Event 2022

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The initial meet and greet on Industry Day will take place at the top of the day on April 6, before Pitch Day officially kicks off. Pitch Day is a big part of the Industry Day events, and more or less the center of the events planned around it for Wednesday the 6th. The initial meet and greet will simply bring together all industry participants and many from panelists and speakers including Kevin O’Leary of ABC’s Shark Tank and Tyler Evans of Bitcoin Inc and UXTO Management, to name two of more than a dozen experienced and highly-referenced judges.

Investors meet and greet on Bitcoin Industry Day 2022

Amidst the exciting lineup of events scheduled for the first day of the 2022 Bitcoin experience, investors and businesses will have the opportunity to meet and talk directly. This highly coveted event is known to be one of the breeding grounds for many of the deals and partnerships that come out of the Bitcoin conference each year.

Those with Bitcoin Whale Passes to BTC 2022 will be in a specially tailored meet and greet for the group specifically, but Industry Day participants will also have the chance to mingle in similar style. The entire group is also expected to meet, greet and discuss business models and potential alliances a little earlier in the day. Specifically late in the morning at the Tech and Entrepreneurs for one meeting. General admission ticket holders will not show up to the Bitcoin party until the next day, April 7, when the first day of major conference events kicks off. All before meeting and greeting people who work most directly in the Bitcoin industry will have their time to connect and share with each other.

Other Elements of Bitcoin Pitch Day 2022

Pitch Day is the centerpiece around which most of the elements of Industry Day are situated. The initial meeting and the meeting with investors will be accompanied by other events of interest to experts and companies in the BTC industry. Pitch Day itself will feature selected applicants currently in the Bitcoin industry who submitted their businesses to the pool of qualified contestants, all looking to pitch their ideas and/or active businesses for a chance to gain investor backing.

Keynote day details will be divided into three parts throughout the day with meet and greets, tech and entrepreneur meetup, mining events, and a Bitcoin 101 Q&A session highlighting various events. scheduled for the first day of Bitcoin 2022. BTC Media founder David Bailey will kick off Bitcoin 2022 with a welcome speech to the thousands of anticipated attendees at Industry Day.

Additional Points and Mentions about Bitcoin 2022

World-renowned entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary will also deliver a keynote address to Bitcoin 2022 attendees scheduled for the top of the second half of the Pitch Day agenda. A good portion of the opening afternoon features events around BTC mining and the future adoption of Bitcoin in more global industries and markets. Everything related to the industry will be the focus of attention on that first day of Bitcoin 2022.

Bitcoin Renaissance is an art exhibition that will highlight the early years of Bitcoin so far. More than 60 artists will showcase sculptures, paintings, and digital art creations for attendees throughout the 4-day experience. The final day of BTC 2022 will feature a star-studded, multi-stage extended music concert featuring headliners, hip-hop and pop star CL, rap and hip-hop star Logic, legend of platinum electronic music and artist DeadMau5, world-renowned Dutch DJ and artist San Holo, world-renowned club DJ Steve Aoki, and famed US East Coast hip-hop duo Run The Jewels. BTC tickets can be purchased for all four days or for any individual part of the experience, such as the Industry Day Meet and Greet and Industry Gatherings that occur on that day only. Tickets purchased with BTC are discounted, and all prices will go up once again before the 2022 BTC launch.

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