Entrepreneur and business tycoon DC Singh aims to build a diverse business empire with no limits

From entrepreneur to successful business tycoon, DC Singh has built a diverse business empire, from fashion brands to property construction, food chains and innovative apps.

Known and admired for his outstanding ideas, Didar Singh Barge, also known as DC Singh, is an inspiring businessman with not just one, but many international businesses. His brilliant innovations have enabled him to work alongside several multi-million dollar multinationals and investors.

To help more companies fill the gaps in their respective industries, he shares his valuable knowledge and experience with people in need. With notable achievements in multiple companies over the years, he has also received a substantial £1m offer for his business advice.

DC Singh has traveled the world on various projects and during this time has met some of the world’s biggest business tycoons whom he also considers close friends. His immense success was not an overnight achievement but 14 long years of hard work.

The passionate entrepreneur comes from a decent background in India, with no formal education. However, his life took a turn when he finally moved to Edinburgh.

Herald of Scotland:

He started out as a store clerk on the Royal Mile, DC, where he saw a significant quality gap in the cashmere and lambswool market. As soon as DC realized that Edinburgh was the international hub for these products, DC had the breakthrough to build the brand: Edinburgh Cashmere.

Its first innovation, Edinburgh Cashmere, now stands as one of the most recognized manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies in the world. DC oversees the entire process, including manufacturing, production, and design to produce 100% pure cashmere and lambswool, while ensuring superior quality.

Herald of Scotland:

The innovator believes that his observation and attention to detail has allowed him to achieve greater things in this industry that many have yet to achieve! For the same reasons and exclusive designs, he recently signed deals with top designers from Italy, France and some top-tier football clubs.

With soaring sales and expansion of flagship stores in the US, UK, Japan, France and the United Arab Emirates, DC’s turnover is expected to top £20m next year. It also plans to use cryptocurrencies as an advanced payment mode for all of its businesses.

Herald of Scotland:

After the massive success of Edinburgh Cashmere, DC Milann is another fast fashion brand retailing original designer jeans, jackets and sweatshirts. Every garment produced at DC Milam is precisely designed and manufactured in-house.

After several successful ventures, the young entrepreneur also entered real estate development. Making it another huge success for his now established business empire, he has formulated a remarkable portfolio of commercial and residential properties across the UK and abroad.

Working with renowned developers and investors, it has also come up with new construction techniques and environmentally friendly business solutions for the construction industry, which will be released soon.

Herald of Scotland:

Entering the food industry, this talented entrepreneur started a renowned fast food chain named DC Tasty. After working with the best nutritionists and chefs for more than five years, the menu is ready and the franchise will soon open in various parts of the world. DC specializes in healthy and nutritious pizzas and burgers for health-conscious people.

Going through DC Singh’s frequent achievements in numerous fields, his business concepts and ideologies have no limits. His latest move in the tech sector is a mobile taxi app. The application is prepared to benefit both passengers and taxi drivers. This would result in more profit for taxi drivers, while passengers could save some money on the trip.

The app is expected to be environmentally friendly, aligns with health and safety regulations, and has inspired you to develop more apps in the future.

Herald of Scotland:

DC’s business savvy and celebrity status has even allowed him and his brands to appear in leading magazines like Tatler, Vogue, GQ and Grazia. Going through a series of achievements, it is evident that the innovator’s hard work is paying off.








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