Digital interoperability standards for space networks

PISCATAWAY, NJ, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI), the independent space industry group formed to promote interoperability in satellite networks and ground systems, today announced the addition of Five more new members, from across all industry sectors, including:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers more than 200 full-featured cloud-based services for business and government customers. This includes compute, storage, and analytics tools that help global space industry organizations scale their operations and focus on rapid innovation to build satellites, conduct space and launch operations, and reimagine space exploration.

Amergint Technologies provides software-based architecture, combining hardware and software into a single architecture and forming the “toolbox” to solve mission-critical challenges with its customers.

SpaceBridge, Inc. provides innovative satellite solutions for broadband interconnectivity, tactical defense, cellular backhaul and broadcast segments.

Thinkom Solutions, Inc. manufactures low-profile antennas expressly designed for high-speed connectivity in the most hostile, remote and mobile environments.

TEMIX Communications is an innovative company with more than two decades of experience engineering, designing and manufacturing wireless and satellite communication systems, as well as telecommunications platforms and solutions for the broadcast and data markets.

“The movement toward system interoperability in space-based ground systems is clearly accelerating. It is particularly gratifying to see acceptance of the DIFI standard among such a diverse group of companies in all aspects of the supply chain, from GSaaS providers to component and antenna manufacturers and system engineers. We welcome your support,” said Stuart Daughtridge, President of DIFI and Senior Vice President of Advanced Technologies at Kratos.

DIFI members come together to support innovation and digital transformation of space, satellite, and related network technologies through the development of industry interoperability standards. In August 2021, DIFI presented version 1.0 of its interoperability standard based on VITA 49, entitled IEEE-ISTO Std 4900-2021: Digital IF Interoperability Standard which can be downloaded from the Consortium website This standard has already been specified in at least one major US Army satellite communications RFI to support system interoperability.

About the IF Digital Interoperability Consortium

The Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI) is an independent international group of companies, organizations, and government agencies with an interest in the interoperability of terrestrial networks and systems that support space operations. Launched in coordination with IEEE-ISTO, DIFI’s mission is to enable the digital transformation of the space, satellite, and related industries through a simple, interoperable digital IF/RF standard that accelerates the transformation of the L-band IF industry. to digital FI, while discouraging providers. close. DIFI’s founding members include Hawkeye 360, Intelsat Corp. (OTCMKTS: INTEQ), Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT), Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS), Microsoft, and the US Navy. For more information about the DIFI Consortium and to see the full list of current members, visit

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