MADISON, Wisconsin., June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Healthy Minds Innovations (HMI), the nonprofit organization founded by world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. richard davidsonannounced its first content licensing partnership with Audible, the world’s leading creator and provider of premium audio narration.

The new Healthy Minds program, meditation content to train the brain, is now available on Audible.

HMI, which is affiliated with the Center for Healthy Minds in the university of wisconsin, develops mental hygiene tools based on its cutting-edge neuroscientific research; created to improve the lives of users and the people around them. The brief Healthy Minds Program To learn Y Practice The meditation podcasts produced by HMI are designed to teach the skills necessary to achieve higher levels of wellness and, in turn, create a kinder, wiser and more compassionate world.

Statistics show a sharp rise in mental wellness challenges in recent years, with only depression affecting 264 million people all over the world. In fact, the meditation app category was the most purchased category in the US from 2019 to 2020. And, since the pandemic, Audible has seen an increase in demand in its Health & Wellness and Personal Development verticals. The new Healthy Minds program content will provide a way for Audible subscribers to turn to a science-backed source to be more proactive about their own mental wellness through one of the world’s largest audio platforms.

Content from the Healthy Minds on Audible show will premiere on May 16 with more content available at the end of May. It will be accessible in two main ways:

  • Healthy Minds Program Podcast: Each of the more than 200 episodes features from 5 to 13 minutes To learn segments on the “whys” behind brain health, followed by 10 minutes Practice segments narrated by experts in each topic to apply the learnings.

  • Singles from the Healthy Minds program: They are easily accessible individual meditations on a variety of practical topics, lasting from 5 to 22 minutes, including:

The content of HMI’s Healthy Minds program is the product of his deep scientific rigor and is based on his evidence-based, data-driven research on the brain’s ability to modify, change, and adapt. The findings are described in a groundbreaking 2020 research article written by Dr. richard davidson and Dr. Cortland Dahl and published in one of the world’s most highly cited scientific journals, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The document identified the four key pillars of the Healthy Minds Framework: Awareness, Connection, Insight and Purpose on which the Healthy Minds Program is based.

Since HMI’s founding in 2014, donor-funded research has made possible the development of interactive and educational programming tailored to the needs of organizations, educators, and individuals. In fact, the Healthy Minds Program meditation app has been hailed “One of the Top 3 Meditation Apps of 2021” by Wirecutter, Wirecutter’s product recommendation service. the New York Times.

Dr. Cortland Dahl, Contemplative CEO of HMI and creator of the Healthy Minds Framework, explains: “We already have a vibrant community of Healthy Minds Program app users, but our new partnership with Audible will help us meet more people wherever they are. There isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t need a helping hand down the road at some point. Our goal is to use HMI’s science-backed content to provide users with practical, real-world tools that can support resilience. and positivity and help provide more flourishing and less suffering in the world.”

“For us, the main drivers of building a strong audio content portfolio in the health and wellness category are credibility, authority and evidence,” says Audible’s senior director of programming and content strategy, Anya Hoffman. “The Healthy Minds program is exactly that, putting scientifically sound, on-demand tools to cultivate healthy habits of mind for our users.”

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