Cobham Satcom and Mangata Networks Announce Partnership on Satellite Tracking Systems and Ground Infrastructure – Parabolic Arc

CONCORD, California and PHOENIX (Cobham Satcom PR) — Cobham Satcom, a leading global provider of terrestrial and maritime satellite communications solutions to the government, business sectors and Mangata Networks, which specializes in innovative satellite-enabled telecommunications services, today announced an agreement to implement multiple gateways Cobham Satcom 4.0M TRACKER antennas worldwide.

The partnership between Cobham Satcom and Mangata supports Mangata’s initial terrestrial ground stations. It also represents the company’s first big step in leveraging its HEO (Highly Elliptical Orbit) and MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) satellite constellations, which the infrastructure will serve. Mangata’s innovative architecture will dramatically reduce the capital expenditure required for this global connectivity scale, while creating access to cloud technology, backhaul, IoT services and 5G coverage for end users around the world, enabling, for the first time , the sharing of knowledge on a truly human scale.

Cobham Satcom takes a new approach to gateways and ground stations that is scalable, easy to implement and cost effective. Its TRACKER gateways have been selected by multiple LEO and MEO constellation operators based on proven performance, reliability, robust design suitable for all environments, low total cost of ownership and Cobham Satcom’s ability to meet the demanding implementation schedules.

Modular and easy to configure, TRACKER Gateway Terminals are available in a range of sizes up to 6m in single or multiple frequency bands. Three-axis tracking with protective radome enables operation in the harshest environments and ensures accurate tracking at all times, with optimal signal quality, uninterrupted passes, low power consumption and high reliability.

Brian Holz, CEO and Co-Founder of Mangata, commented: “Cobham Satcom has provided Mangata with an extremely reliable, high-performance gateway solution that will be a core component of our network. Its technology enhances our value proposition for our customers and will allow us to operate high-capacity feeder links in more places, at all times, reducing network access costs.”

Manish Gupta, CEO of Cobham Satcom added: “We are delighted to be collaborating with the Mangata team on this expansive project. We recognize the critical importance of bringing fast, reliable and affordable connectivity to the world and were particularly impressed with Mangata’s mission and vision, which are so well aligned with our own.”

About Cobham Satcom

Cobham SATCOM is a global leader in satellite communications solutions for the maritime and land segments, providing business and mission-critical connectivity to a wide range of service providers, business and government customers.

Cobham SATCOM designs and manufactures high performance satellite communications and critical communications products under the EXPLORER, SAILOR, Sea Tel and TRACKER brand names. We offer outstanding performance and value, with unrivaled support through our global sales and service network.

Cobham SATCOM is the market leader in tracking antennas for maritime, fixed and mobile applications in GEO, LEO and MEO systems. We are the trusted provider and partner for multiple NGSO constellation operators, who rely on our Gateway antennas to ensure highly reliable carrier-grade backbone connectivity, as well as user terminals to enable innovative new business and government services around the world. .

About Mangata

Mangata represents a tremendous leap forward in telecommunications by innovating game-changing architecture. We are using HEO (Highly Elliptical Orbit) and MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) satellite constellations, combined with the power of a ground-based system of MangataEdge™ micro data centers, to extend the cloud to the edge of the network close to users. This single unified network will provide scalable, affordable and accessible B2G and B2B connectivity to anyone, anywhere on the planet.

Mangata is developing a proprietary architecture to connect micro data centers via satellite, hosting cloud service platforms with the ability to extend connectivity directly to globally located 5G, IoT and Wi-Fi networks. The initial community networks will be implemented starting in 2023, before the launch of their initial satellites. This will allow customers to evaluate use cases and conduct business tests prior to service initiation. In early 2023, the company will deploy multiple test networks around the world to begin product testing and evaluation before its first release.

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