Inspirational Dstl leader recognized as a technology pioneer

Linda said:

I am honored and delighted to be included among the fifty most inspiring women and I am honored to work alongside so many other pioneers in Dstl who will no doubt be vying for a spot on this list in the future.

Dstl He has been in talent management for some time and as a football scout spotting the talent of the future, I was one of those people who was seen 10 years ago as a future leader.

I believe it is important for women to have a role model within their senior leadership, and I take it upon myself to be that role model for our female staff at Dstl very serious.

The high positions in any organization must represent the society in general. I like to think that I can be my true self at work at a higher level, and I hope that it inspires women to be confident in being themselves too.

Linda has been working in defense, science and technology for 28 years.

After earning a master’s degree in analytical chemistry, she began her career with the Royal Navy Science Service as a forensic chemist in the organization’s aeronautical materials laboratory.

Linda then went on to work for the Defense Research Agency, which later became the Defense Research and Assessment Agency, a predecessor to the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).

Most recently, he was a capabilities leader at Dstl‘s Platform Systems Division, a position in which he managed some 1,000 scientists and engineers.

He was also responsible for developing key strategic relationships and providing thought leadership in science and technology.

Since his senior leadership potential was identified, he has undertaken Dstl leadership development courses and have been involved in mentoring and coaching.

Last year, Linda was promoted to her current position where she oversees ‘beyond the horizon’ idea innovation and the next generation of next technology.

This latest award comes after she was recognized among the top 50 female tech leaders in the UK last year for her work in transforming the industry.

Previous U.S Secretary of State, one time First Lady and later a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton was among the speakers at this event.

Dstl Chief Executive Paul Hollinshead said:

We are all extremely proud of Linda and delighted that her talents and achievements are being recognized internationally.

She is an inspiring leader who has made a great contribution to the world of science and technology and continues to do so.

Our people are world class and with Linda as a role model, I hope more women watch STEM Y Dstl as a promising and rewarding career option.

Linda receives the award tonight (June 13, 2022) at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey to mark the start of London Technology Week.

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