Berry Oncology Launches HIFI Pan-Cancer Screening, a Multi-Cancer Early Detection Product to Detect Six High-Risk Cancers at the Same Time

BEIJING, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In June 23, Berry Oncology, a leading global company specializing in genomic testing and cancer early detection, announced the launch of its innovative precision single-use HIFI Pan-Cancer Screening product, which is a multi-cancer early detection product developed based on the HIFI technology patented by the company. Technological platform. With a single test, the product can accurately detect 6 high-risk, high-incidence cancers in Porcelain including lung cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colorectal cancer, with world-leading performance of 87.58% sensitivity, 99.09% specificity, and 82% traceability accuracy .

Cancer has become a global public health challenge. According to the 2020 global cancer burden data published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), there were 19.29 million new cancer cases and 9.96 million cancer deaths worldwide in 2020 , while the figures in Porcelain they were 4.57 million and 3 million respectively in the same year, ranking as the first in the world that has imposed a heavy burden of disease on individuals and society.

the Healthy Porcelain Plan 2030issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Porcelain and the State Council, clearly states that early diagnosis and treatment of major high-risk cancers are strongly recommended, opportunistic cancer screening should be promoted, and the overall 5-year cancer survival rate in Porcelain it is expected to increase by 15% by 2030. The recently published 14th Five-Year Plan for Bioeconomic Development also states that it is necessary to incorporate advanced technologies such as genetic testing in disease prevention and carry out early detection of diseases. major diseases such as cancer, in order to provide precision solutions and decision support for individualized treatment.

NGS-based liquid biopsy technology has greatly improved the possibility of early cancer detection. In addition to a significant improvement in overall test performance, innovative liquid biopsy products for early cancer detection, taking HIFI pancancer detection as an example, have affordable benefits of minimal invasiveness and ease of use, helping to increase compliance of high-risk groups. and create a larger clinical intervention window for early-stage cancer patients to improve their survival rate, compared to traditional cancer detection methods such as tumor markers and imaging.

HIFI Pan-Cancer Screening is the world’s first multi-cancer early detection product using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS). Compared with other technologies, this technology can capture early signs of cancer in a wider range and reduce missed detection caused by individual differences and differences in molecular biological characteristics in various types of tumors.

Furthermore, HIFI Pan-Cancer Screening is developed based on Berry Oncology’s proprietary HIFI technology platform. The auto-iterative HIFI technology platform can reduce the development costs of testing products and services, and thus make early detection of multiple types of cancer more affordable.

Since its establishment, Berry Oncology has been committed to developing innovative cancer liquid biopsy products based on the NGS platform. At present, the company has carried out the development of products that cover the full course of the disease, from early detection and early diagnosis, complementary diagnosis, minimal residual disease and recurrence control.

zhangkaideputy director of the National Cancer Center and Cancer Prevention Department of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said: “With the innovative liquid biopsy technology, we can detect a variety of cancers at one time, make early diagnosis and early treatment possible for patients, while providing new solutions for Porcelain to achieve cancer prevention and control goals. However, in addition to technology, the general public still needs to improve their self-screening awareness so that this new technology can be used more widely to truly increase the rate of early diagnosis and reduce the mortality rate.”

zhang aoexecutive director of Qiming Venture Partnersaid, “Qiming has been close to Berry Oncology since day 1, and has witnessed its HIFI technology platform upgrades and its determination in building the cancer prevention and treatment ecosystem. Early detection of cancer is a high-barrier industry, which examines both technical and execution capabilities of a team from the selection of the technical route, the translation of theory into practice, the general design of the experiment, etc. The launch of the multi-cancer early detection product will further strengthen Berry Oncology’s leadership in the early detection industry.”

Zhou JunCEO of Berry Oncology, said: “Since its establishment, Berry Oncology has been dedicated to developing technologies and offering products for early detection of cancer based on the spectrum of malignancies, to help more high-risk people identify hidden risks and help more patients prolong survival time and improve quality of life In the future, Berry Oncology will continue to optimize its technology system and iterate early detection products to offer more advanced cancer early detection solutions according to demand and real market environment. Meanwhile, we will continue to promote our partnerships with industry players, universities and research organizations to jointly build an ecosystem for cancer prevention and treatment that makes innovations more accessible.”

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