Dr. Chris Zaino and Joseph Lang are humanitarian entrepreneurs

Humanitarianism is rarely something commonly associated with an entrepreneurial attitude. Increasingly, however, today’s entrepreneurs are proving that one can have both an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit and a generous and compassionate sensibility about how to positively impact the lives of others through their business ventures.

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Two pioneering entrepreneurs who display this mindset are Dr Chris Zaino Y jose lang. Not only have they been able to identify how to solve macro problems within their industry, but they have also been able to link their success to enriching disadvantaged communities.

Dr. Chris Zaino, for example, is a bodybuilder who won a competition and uses regenerative medicine to help others, especially men, live their best lives. Having experienced long-term health problems after a storied bodybuilding career, Dr. Zaino decided to dedicate his life to regenerative medicine. Once Dr. Zaino found regenerative medicine, he was finally able to find permanent cures for his depression, low hormone levels, unbalanced body chemistry, and brain fog. Once Dr. Zaino found these cures, he was not only able to invest in his physical health, but also helped him gain profound mental health and body image benefits. In fact, he was physically healthy enough to work hard to get his body back into competitive shape and win Mr. Universe in 2016, 20 years since his last victory.

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As mentioned, Dr. Zaino now dedicates his life to regenerative medicine, working at the RengenerAge clinic in Cancun with Dr. Joel I. Osiris Y Kristoffer T. Chaffin, MD. Dr. Zaino hopes that by emphasizing his experience with regenerative medicine as a former bodybuilder, he can create a space for men to talk about their health issues and break down the old-school stigma surrounding men’s health. ; he specifically plans to create a public discourse on the fears and solutions for erectile dysfunction, memory loss, brain fog, hormonal imbalances and high fat levels in men.

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Another humanitarian entrepreneur who is creating a new standard in his industry is jose lang.

humanitarian entrepreneurs dr chris zaino joseph lang

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Lang, a former therapist and current tax strategist, has become famous in the Miami metro area for his tax skills. Since he joined the industry in 2015, Lang has been committed to helping his clients maximize their taxes in any way possible. Interestingly, Lang quit his job as a recreational therapist when his close friend asked him for help during tax season. With an innate understanding of taxes, Lang was able to help his friend without any prior training. However, this inspired Lang to pursue this skill of his and turn it into a full-fledged business that he is passionate about; Lang spent months studying and training on best practices to help people discover tax breaks and codes that could reduce their tax liability. Lang is not only passionate about taxes, but he is also passionate about using tax strategies to help others maximize their finances and reduce their responsibilities and therefore stress.

Lang officially established his tax firm in 2017 called Tax Emperor. With this authorized practice, Lang has helped thousands of people over the last 5 years. Lang serves a wide range of clients, from large businesses and corporations to middle-income households. Lang’s ultimate goal is to help people reduce their tax liabilities as well as help them become more financially literate by giving them the tools to earn money on behalf of their interests.


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