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When the world asks for help, nonprofit organizations reach out and support it. But who lends a hand when nonprofits themselves need help?

Student Business Enterprises, or SBE, is a group of Carlmont students who do web development and advertising for non-profit organizations. They use both the skills they learned in their marketing class and the Google ad service, which offers $10,000 for non-profit organizations in advertising credit.

The group started in May 2021, according to Amelia Clevenger, a Carlmont junior, director of Google Ads for SBE. they met through zoom throughout the summer and continue to meet in this way.

“It originally started because Mr. Rowe taught us how to use Google Ads in his marketing class and got us all certified in Google Ads for free,” Clevenger said.

John Rowe is a professor of business at Carlmont and president of Student Business Enterprises. As a mentor to Carlmont students, Rowe saw the difficulties students had in obtaining internships in the field. By establishing SBE, you created a win-win situation.

“I thought it would be a great idea to create opportunities for my students to learn about business by working as a digital ad agency where we do marketing work for other nonprofits,” Rowe said. “So our students will get experience that way.”

At the moment, the group helps with advertising using Google Ads and helps nonprofits build better websites.. However, there is room for future expansion in other fields.

“We’re also going to work on social media management,” Rowe said. “Facebook has a great program where they are creating a curriculum for teachers to teach their students all about how to do digital marketing or social media advertising on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.”

According to Clevenger, Rowe was the mastermind behind the entire project, encouraging them to use the knowledge they learned in class and apply it to real-world concepts.

I thought it would be a great idea to create opportunities for my students to learn about business by working as a digital advertising agency where we do marketing work for other non-profit companies. ”

— John Rowe

Also, advertising, which Clevenger specializes in, is a big real-world topic right now. Clevenger expressed how difficult it was for him to become proficient in the skill.

“It is a very complex area. It’s not just writing a copy [writing something for the purpose of marketing], it has several steps and you can learn about optimization. You can do data analysis on that side because you can see how ads are performing and you can write copy on the edit/write side. You get to think about keywords to do target market research and practice your marketing tools, so there are a lot of different areas that it tests you in,” Clevenger said.

However, many nonprofits can’t access or use the resources assigned to them without outside support, which is why Clevenger and his team help. According to Clevenger, he helps not only non-profit organizations but also the student team, giving them vital practice in a real-world situation.

“I learn about Google Ads while helping nonprofits and helping them with something they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise,” Clevenger said.

[Advertising is] a very complex area. It’s not just about writing copy, it has several steps and you can learn about optimization.”

—Amelia Clevenger

Another branch of SBE is web development, in which Guillermo Mendoza, a senior at Carlmont, works. Mendoza is a web development team manager and works on projects like SBE. website. He also helps finalize certain decisions and helps run group meetings.

Mendoza also sees the importance of web development, especially for non-profit organizations.

“It’s a way to bring more attention to your company,” Mendoza said. “They have all their information on their websites: how to contact them, what their products are, what they do, their mission statements, all of that is important for a website to be clear and concise.”

SBE’s goals with regards to web development are simple. They want to help create simple nonprofit websites that are easy to access and easy to update if needed.

They really appreciate what we are doing for them. These websites are a step up from what they have previously had.

—William Mendoza

Based on Mendoza’s recollection of his team’s views, the impact was obvious. The websites are actively used by nonprofit organizations that host their products and provide more accessibility for customers on their new websites, helping businesses grow.

“They really appreciate what we are doing for them,” Mendoza said. “These websites are a step up from what they had before.”

For prospective members, Clevenger emphasized the multitude of opportunities the organization presents.

“There are so many opportunities, and everyone wants to get involved. This is a great way if you’re new to Google Ads; you don’t have to have any experience with web development. We will teach you how to do it,” Clevenger said.

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