5 body language mistakes to avoid during the interview

Body language mistakes to avoid during the interview: Preparing for a job interview is a holistic process where you decide what to wear. What should you ask? How to answer the most frequently asked questions during an interview? Just as it’s crucial to practice your act to shine in your interview, it’s equally important that you prepare for how you’ll present yourself. This is where body language comes into play.

Body language is a crucial part of personality development. It is nonverbal communication that your interviewer will read through your hand movements, facial expressions, body postures, eye movements, etc. Sometimes, even if you answer all the questions, your postures or body movements show a different side of you, your chances of being selected are reduced. If you are preparing for the UPSC civil service exam, banking exams like IBPS, defense exams, or even private organizations, this article must have given you valuable personality tips to stand out in your interview.

Personality Building Tips: 5 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid During the Interview

#1 Weak handshake and lack of eye contact

Body language mistakes to avoid during the interview

A good firm handshake is one of the most powerful and positive body language gestures. If your hands are cold and sweaty, it could be perceived as a rude gesture. A weak handshake is known as the wet fish handshake. Not only is it bad hygiene to reach out before wiping your hands with the tissue, it also shows nervousness and lack of confidence. Whereas if you grip your interviewer’s or senior management’s hands too tightly while greeting them, you could show a lack of manners and command. Giving a weak or too strong handshake should be avoided. Pick a suitable company where you try to match the strength of your interviewer’s handshake to appear confident and in control.

Lack of eye contact is another body language mistake to avoid during an interview. You should not look across the room or at your feet while answering the questions. Make direct eye contact with your interviewer to develop a connection and rapport. However, avoid staring at your interviewer. So now you know that sitting up straight or standing tall and making strong eye contact will help you appear confident and competent.

#2 Bad posture when sitting

Body language mistakes to avoid during the interview

Slouching is a big NO. You must be self-aware during the interview to keep your back straight, chin up, and sit attentively in your chair. He will help you feel safe from the inside. Studies have shown that interviewers can assess his leadership skills based on whether he is sitting up straight and strong. Leaning or slouching in your chair will make you like someone who is easily stressed in situations that require strength. In case you are standing while answering the questions, make sure you don’t cross your legs. It will make you seem defensive and uninterested, as well as someone who defies the authorities. Slouching will definitely make you feel less suited to the role and induce a lack of confidence.

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#3 Arms crossed

Body language mistakes to avoid during the interview

Crossing your arms is another body language mistake during an interview. Crossing your arms during an interview is considered a bossy gesture which is definitely a big NO in front of the HR person or senior management. You don’t want to come across as arrogant, cocky, or defensive. Standing with your arms crossed over your chest is also another big NO. Avoid putting your hands in your pockets too, it’s disrespectful. Do not put your arms on the desk unless you are leaning forward to show or sign something. Keep your palms on your thighs where they are visible to your interviewer. This shows openness and honesty. As you cross or grab your arms, you show that you are insecure, nervous, and lacking in confidence.

#4 Excessive hand gestures

Body language mistakes to avoid during the interview

Excessive hand gestures show anxiety or haste, which is a big body language mistake during an interview. To some extent, hand gestures are fine to show your levels of interest and enthusiasm. The less you move your hands or arms, the more confident you appear. While sitting, avoid massaging your head, eyes, or neck. Doing so means vulnerability and restlessness. One of the most important body language tips for an interview is to keep your palms open and facing up while you speak. This shows honesty and sincerity. Another body language mistake during an interview is rubbing the palms of your hands together. Avoid clenching your fists. Avoid biting your nails or pointing fingers while speaking. Hold a pen or rest your arm on the armrest to relax.

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#5 Touch your face

Body language mistakes to avoid during the interview

Touching your face is not a good gesture during an interview. Playing with hands, face, hair, jewelry, or clothing indicates irritation and impatience, nervousness, and dishonesty. If you feel itchy or find an eyelash that bothers your eyes, you may want to let the interviewer know and go to the bathroom. However, constantly running your hands over your mouth or fiddling with your hair, watch, etc. It’s not good body language. Avoid covering your mouth, touching your nose, picking your nose, scratching your neck, grabbing your ears, rubbing your eyes, pulling your neck, and putting a finger in your mouth. These are all negative body language during an interview.

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Tips for the interview: Avoid moving your fingers or objects around you during the interview, it could make you look anxious and nervous. A confident and capable candidate remains calm and answers questions as accurately as possible. At the end of your interview, you should look for a firm handshake with strong eye contact and words of gratitude. For example, “Thank you for considering the position, (interviewer’s name). I look forward to hearing from you again.”

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