Denji’s MBTI and what it says about him

The following contains minor spoilers for Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Amanda Haley, and Sabrina Deep, now available in English via Viz Media.

chainsaw man is a bestselling shonen manga written by author Tatsuki Fujimoto, a bloody and chaotic story starring the goofy anti-hero known only as Denji. Poor Denji grew up in misery and darkness where he cannot fulfill even the humblest aspirations of his, like meeting girls or having good food to eat. Now his life has changed forever as the world’s only Chainsaw.

Denji may be a powerful demon slayer as a half-demon, even loaded down with chainsaws and sharp teeth, but he’s more than just a war dog on a leash from Makima. Denji is his own person, whose practical and grounded personality can be clearly described with his unique MBTI personality type.

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Denji’s MBTI Type: ESTP, The Entrepreneur

Denji’s carefree and reckless behavior and practical, grounded mindset chainsaw man mark him as an ESTP, or the Entrepreneur. This code stands for Extrovert Observing Thinking Perceiving, which combine into a courageous and creative personality type that loves to take bold risks. This personality type overlaps a lot with his cousin, the ESFP Entertainer, as he lives in the moment and appreciates the joys of the real, tangible world around him without worrying too much about future possibilities.

The difference is that an ESTP Entrepreneur is more critical of what they see, improvising plans for a new project or leading a team of friends on a joint adventure. The Thinking trait makes an Entrepreneur a more project-oriented version of the Entertainer, someone who knows what he wants and how to come up with a great plan to get it. Artists and entrepreneurs alike go with the flow, but ESTPs like Denji sometimes improvise to redirect that flow and achieve something exciting.

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There are many positives to the ESTP personality type, beginning with sheer passion and enthusiasm for the projects of everyday life. An entrepreneur will never hesitate to launch a new project and invent it as he goes, eagerly diving in to see what he can discover. This enthusiasm can help keep the momentum going and keep them going until a project is finished, even if they hit setbacks along the way. ESTPs are also very practical, closely observing the world around them and making intelligent use of whatever they come across by combining their Observer and Thoughtful traits. Entrepreneurs also have strong social skills and great charisma with their outgoing and perceptive traits, and could make decent leaders for a team of like-minded people.

ESTPs also have their weaknesses. Despite being so outgoing, Entrepreneurs can be surprisingly outspoken and insensitive, accidentally annoying or antagonizing others as they pursue their new project, which can lead to trouble. In fact, ESTPs may have trouble expressing their own deep-seated emotions. They can also be a nuisance with their independent mindset, making them poor team players if led by a more rigid type like the Executive ESTJ. ESTPs can take too many risks if they’re bored and end up creating a big mess that they can’t easily clean up.

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Denji as businessman in Chainsaw Man

What chainsaw man Manga fans already know, and anime fans will find out this October, Denji is a rude and headstrong boy with an outspoken and selfish personality. This is what marks him as not only a self-absorbed and overly excited ESTP, but also an anti-hero. Denji is rude and insensitive to others, not out of malice, but because he lived alone in poverty and had no real education, which means he adopted a practical mindset to compensate.

That’s the ESTP way, but unfortunately Denji has weak charisma as an ignorant and rude boy who has no social graces or modesty. He is the type to openly admit that touching a girl’s chest is his greatest ambition, and is quick to complain about other characters like Power for not doing things his way. Denji is true to his own basic feelings and desires, which makes him stable and predictable, but also makes him a real headache for most demon hunters.

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On the plus side, Denji’s ESTP personality means that he can quickly figure out how other demons work and improvise creative, resourceful, and often risky methods to fight them, which usually yields good results. Denji even admits that strategic planning and abstract theories are a weakness of his and he rarely plans ahead. Instead, he makes it up on the fly, entrepreneurial style, and his watchful eyes don’t miss a thing.

Every devil fight in chainsaw man it is a project for Denji, and he will use any resources necessary to complete it. One notable example was when he recklessly set himself on fire to negate Santa’s darkness-based powers, a brilliant yet daring move that a more methodical, theory-oriented character would never have attempted. All of this blends well with his natural boldness and passionate enthusiasm as a true ESTP. Work and play are the same for Denji, and he never gets tired of it.

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