10 Jobs You Didn’t Know Mario Had, Ranked

The legendary Mario has worn many hats over the years. From his humble origins as a plumber to his mighty status as a hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario has taken on various careers. Some of his professions are well known, like his career in baseball and go-kart racing, but that’s not all the former plumber has done.

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While Nintendo has stepped in to give Mario seven official races, it has had many more “unofficial” jobs that are as varied as they are unexpected. Whether it’s creating something new, showing off his skills, or knocking things over, Mario has put together an impressive resume.

10 Mario started as a carpenter

Mario’s best trait is his versatility, something that is shown in the original. Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. In his debut game, Mario was not a plumber but a carpenter. Since the game’s setting was a construction site, the creators felt that the role of the carpenter fit better with the theme of the gae.

Carpenter paper wouldn’t last long. Mario quickly took on the iconic plumbing job from him just a few years after the arcade game was released. Looking back, the carpenter’s work almost felt like an element of Donkey KongThe beta version of Mario, considering how quickly Mario’s occupation changed.

9 Mario made sure every punch was above the belt as a boxing referee

In the 1987 game Punch out!! players put on Little Mac’s shoes instead of Mario’s. While the diminutive boxer was the focus of the game, Mario still appeared in an unconventional role. Every boxing match needed a referee, and Mario took on the job.

Mario refereed every match in which the player guided Little Mac. As players eliminated their opponents or found themselves out of action, Mario made his appearances. In the Wii sequel, however, a different referee relieved Mario of his position.

8 Mario briefly became a pastry chef

A slightly dark puzzle game, yoshi cookie players assigned with matching tokens (cookies) such as tetris. In the game, the one responsible for matching these cookies was none other than Mario himself, in the proper chef outfit.

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Mario was no stranger to working with food, as several mario party The minigames tasked attendees with making cakes and other foods. Nevertheless, yoshi cookie it became Mario’s first foray into the world of baking. Interestingly, this would not be his only job as a pastry chef. Mario returned to the profession when the Japan-exclusive sequel was released in 1994.

7 Mario worked with his brother to knock down buildings

In the 1985 game Wreckers, Luigi joined Mario as they worked as a demo team, bringing down a building. Comically, Mario and Luigi would use their big and now iconic hammers to smash through walls.

fans of the Smash Bros. franchiseyou might be familiar with the game as it featured the Wreckers location as stage Super Smash Bros. Wii U Y Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This allowed a new audience of gamers to relive Mario and Luigi’s glory days as demolition experts.

6 A new version of Excitebike turned Mario into a professional motorcyclist

In 1997, Japan received an exclusive new version of the classic excite bike in form of Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle (“bun bun” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for buzzing). This new version replaced the generic biker with Mario and company. as they ran through the courses.

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Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle was separated into multiple episodes, providing different playable characters depending on the episode collected. Although Mario would later return to riding a motorcycle in the Mario Kart games, the exclusive of Japan excite bike remake marked his first foray with the vehicle.

5 Mario branched out from cakes to full meals

the game and watch The games were a fascinating collection of small titles that found a permanent fixture in Nintendo history thanks to the presence of Mr. Game & Watch at Super Smash Bros. While these games rarely featured Mario, Cook would include Mario and his friends in the Game Boy Color remake.

In this new version, Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi took a break from their side-scrolling adventures to work in a kitchen filled with all kinds of cartoony mayhem. As the trio quickly learned, there really were too many cooks out there, and Mario would quickly drop out of this career.

4 Mario once owned and operated a cement factory

Oddly enough, Mario was once the owner and operator of a cement factory. Another interesting run from the strange days of game and watch era, Mario was given the task of emptying his factory’s mixers into multiple trucks.

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Title, Mario’s Cement Factory, suggests that Mario is the owner of the factory, but in the game, he acts as a business owner and factory worker. In a new version of the game, Toad and Yoshi would join Mario at the factory as truck drivers. However, despite the new hires, Mario was stuck doing the heavy lifting in his own factory.

3 Mario was temporarily a professional snowboarder

An agreement between EA and Nintendo leads to Mario, Luigi and Peach joining the roster of playable characters in the snowboarding game. ssx on tour. The game was intended to be a semi-realistic snowboard racing game, and due to Nintendo and EA’s little deal, Mario soon added a professional snowboarder to his list of professions.

ssx on tour would come out long before Mario became an Olympian in the mario and sonic games, acting as a kind of precursor. The game also featured skis, allowing Mario to double down and add a ski pro to his impressive roster of races.

two The NBA once welcomed Mario to the team

NBA Street V3 is a basketball game released for the GameCube and various other consoles by EA. It features many real-world basketball teams and the Nintendo All-Stars, a team made up of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. As weird as it is to see Mario and his friends go toe-to-toe with real NBA players in 3v3 matches, it makes Mario an NBA player.

While Mario is no stranger to sports games, he has never faced the best in the NBA. Similar to ssx on tourMario can thank a deal between EA and Nintendo for allowing him to add an NBA player to his ever-expanding resume. It’s easily one of Mario’s weirdest professions simply for creating the surreal image of Mario’s cartoonish form taking on real-world athletes.

1 Mario served in the Vietnam War

As crazy as Mario’s arm cannon in Mario + rabid Although it may seem, Mario is no stranger to armed combat. in 1983 game and watch title Mario bombs away, Mario finds himself as a soldier at war tasked with delivering a bomb from one end of the screen to his ally on the other side. Apart from this strange spin-off, the game features a very remarkable jungle setting and classic military outfit for the soldiers.

As awesome as it is to see Mario of all the characters in a war setting, analyzing the game’s setting makes things even stranger. Between Mario’s outfit and his fellow soldiers, along with the appearance of the trees in the jungle background, the game seems to hint in not-so-subtle ways that Mario is fighting in the Vietnam War.


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