The Recorder – NUPRO poised to expand and add jobs in Deerfield

SOUTH DEERFIELD – After years of searching, NUPRO LLC, a Deerfield and Whately-based polyurethane manufacturer, has found its new home just a few miles down the road with plans to expand its production and add more than 50 jobs .

In August, the company purchased two parcels of land on Merrigan Way in South Deerfield from the city, for $450,000 and $62,500, and plans to move its headquarters there in 2024. NUPRO currently has two production facilities, one already in Deerfield and another 10 Sandy Lane in Whately next to the Whately Town offices.

NUPRO managing director and co-founder Jeff Ethier said the company has seen “rapid growth” in recent years and has been looking for a new space to house its operations under one roof since 2019. NUPRO, which was founded in 2015, develops a polyurethane film, which is mainly used to protect vehicle paint from chipping or other abrasions.

“We did a 15-mile radius basically from Deerfield and our search came back pretty empty,” Ethier said. “Good industrial space is hard to find in Franklin County.”

After searching for a while, Ethier said the company was told that Deerfield was looking to sell these two parcels, which have changed hands several times in the last 15 years. The Oxford Pickle store operated on the site until 2007, and the city acquired the land in 2012. In 2018, the city sold the land to New England Natural Bakers for a proposed development that never got off the ground. The city reacquired it in 2019 and divided the parcel into two lots, one of which is a 1-acre vacant lot, in 2020 before seeking a buyer in 2021. NUPRO received a purchase offer in October 2021 and completed the purchase. At the end of August.

With the new land in hand, NUPRO plans to construct an approximately 124,680-square-foot building that will serve as the company’s headquarters, manufacturing plant and warehouse. Ethier said the company currently leases its other two buildings and will “come out of them and move under one roof” when this project is complete.

Remaining in the region, Ethier said, will allow NUPRO to continue to grow as one of Franklin County’s top employers by offering high-wage manufacturing jobs, bringing more revenue to the city.

“We are committed to staying in Franklin County,” Ethier said, adding that paying his workers high wages will help the region grow. “If we can keep our employees happy, that means keeping our customers happy, which will make us a much more profitable business in Franklin County. You are investing in the local economy that way.”

The key to the relocation efforts, beyond the “desire to stay local,” Ethier said, was finding a place to house the more than 50 employees NUPRO already has and then trying to double that number in the near future.

“Over the next five years, we plan to create additional capacity for production … essentially double or triple capacity,” he said.

The plan is to move into the building by April 2024. On Wednesday night, NUPRO began the expedited permit application process with Selectboard. The board signaled its support for the project, but did not vote because it will hire the Berkshire Design Group to conduct a peer review of the stormwater and wetland management plans, a decision agreed to by Planning Board President Analee Wulfkuhle. , and the Conservation Commission. at a meeting on September 22.

NUPRO’s public hearing will continue at the Selectboard meeting on November 2.

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