Quantum security networking firm Qunnect raises $8 million in funding, led by Airbus Ventures

Airbus Ventures congratulates Qunnect, the leader in quantum internet technologies, for announcing its Series A funding of more than $8 million. The round was led by Airbus Ventures, with additional participation from Quantonation, SandboxAQ, NY Ventures, Impact Science Ventures and Motus Ventures.

Spearheaded by CEO Dr. Noel Goddard and founders Dr. Mehdi Namazi and Mael Flament, Qunnect is developing a quantum-safe network technology designed for scalable deployment on existing telecommunications fiber infrastructure. These new funds will be used to further develop its product suite, scale manufacturing and launch a multi-node R&D quantum network test bed to demonstrate entanglement distribution protocols. This network, connected to existing fiber optic cable in New York City, will be the first of its kind in the US.

Qunnect’s products, including an entangled photon source with unmatched compatibility with atomic devices and high-fidelity quantum memory, are key enablers for applications in quantum sensing and computing. The true value of Qunnect will be in the integration of these technologies, in a holistic suite to perform long-distance quantum communication protocols. These protocols remove the vulnerabilities of first-generation quantum key distribution systems, which are fundamentally limited in distance and require relay nodes to scale, creating security risks.

Most of the quantum networking technologies seen in the research community require extreme cooling and/or high vacuum support infrastructure. In contrast, Qunnect’s world-class solutions support real-world deployment and scalability, designed to operate at room temperature, rather than in fragile, climate-controlled laboratory environments.

In September 2021, the company commercialized the world’s first quantum memory, a critical component in enabling secure long-distance quantum communication protocols. Building on this achievement, once its first-generation product suite is complete in mid-2023, Qunnect will be ready to provide the first distributed entanglement network to the commercial market.

CEO Dr. Noel Goddard
We are very proud to announce the establishment of our state-of-the-art testbed in the US, especially significant news given the announcement of the Nobel Prize for elegant physics that enables quantum communication. This testbed will open the door for financial services, critical infrastructure, and telecommunications customers to test our technologies in the New York metropolitan area. This project allows us to showcase our first-of-its-kind quantum memory and entanglement sources, as well as our quantum network support hardware for precise timing and qubit stabilization. On this journey, we are delighted to be supported by Airbus Ventures, a leading quantum investor who shares our vision of developing quantum technologies to lead the next wave of ultra-secure communications.

Dr. Mehdi Namazi, Co-Founder and CSO of Qunnect
We have spent the last few years adapting each of our quantum devices to meet the requirements of large-scale integrated quantum telecommunications networks. Now that we have the team and support in place, with special thanks to the Airbus Ventures team, we are ready to begin our next phase with a concentrated focus on scalability and field deployment.


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