During visit to Bucksport, Governor Mills tours seafood businesses benefiting from Maine’s recovery and jobs plan

Bucksport, MAINE —During a visit to Bucksport today, Governor Janet Mills visited two local seafood processing businesses that received grants through her Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan to improve their infrastructure.

“Maine’s fishing industry, from our fishermen and fish farmers to our processors and our distributors, is a cornerstone of our economy, employing thousands of people along the coast and generating about two billion dollars each year” . Governor Janet Mills said. “I was thrilled to visit Pemaquid Mussel Farms and Greenhead Lobster in Bucksport today to see how funds from my Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan are supporting their success. Providing funds to help businesses improve their infrastructure strengthens them in the long run and helps protect them from the impacts of inflation. My Administration will continue to work to ensure the strength and vitality of this industry for years to come.”

In June, Governor Mills awarded more than $15 million to 107 Maine seafood distributors and processors, including Pemaquid Mussel Farms and Greenhead Lobster, as part of her COVID-19 Response and Resilience Program for seafood distributors and processors. Seafood Products (SDPP) to help increase the supply of Maine-harvested seafood, strengthen its ability to deliver to markets, and create and maintain jobs throughout Maine’s iconic seafood industry. Businesses in all of the coastal counties received awards, with more than half of the grants reaching more than $115,000.

Bucksport’s Pemaquid Mussel Farms farms its mussels on ropes suspended from floating rafts. With funding from the Governor Mills Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan, Pemaquid will purchase a new processing line and new equipment for its processing plant.

“The Seafood Distributors and Processors program was essential in continuing to move forward into a bright future, providing the best quality mussels and mussel products to our customers and creating high-quality, sustainable jobs in Maine.” said Carter Newell, managing member of Pemaquid Mussel Farms LLC.

Greenhead Lobster is a family business with facilities in Stonington and Bucksport. During the pandemic, falling wholesale demand meant the company had to invest heavily in new online sales. With funding from the Governor Mills Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan, Greenhead will make investments in innovation that will significantly increase the efficiency of its lobster processing.

“Greenhead Lobster welcomes the opportunity to participate in the SDPP program to complement our investments in innovation and technology.” said Hugh Reynolds, owner of Greenhead Lobster in Stonington. “Greenhead Lobster will use this grant to complete investments in innovation that will significantly increase the efficiency of our lobster processing. We are very proud to be a part of the Maine lobster industry and are excited to use this funding to further contribute to its future.”

“Maine seafood traders and processors are a vital part of our coastal economy,” said Maine Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher. “They have faced unprecedented challenges as a result of the pandemic. Thanks to Governor Mills’ leadership and commitment to this industry, they have been given a much-needed lifeline that will help them not only withstand future economic challenges, but also build a prosperous and profitable future.”

The SDPP program is one of three initiatives in the Governor’s Jobs Plan to support the economic recovery of Maine’s heritage fishing, forestry and agriculture industries from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the Governor’s Jobs Plan has awarded approximately $41 million in economic recovery funds to 392 businesses in these heritage sectors throughout Maine’s 16 counties. A second round of grants offering $14 million for the forest products industry is now available.

The Mills Administration has awarded more than $288 million in federal grants to Maine businesses and nonprofits to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic.

The Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan is the Governor’s plan, approved by the Legislature, to invest nearly $1 billion in Federal American Rescue Plan funds to improve the lives of Maine individuals and families, help businesses, create well-paying jobs and develop an economy. prepared for future prosperity.

It builds heavily on the recommendations of the Governor’s Committee on Economic Recovery and the State’s 10-Year Economic Development Strategy, turning them into real actions to improve the lives of Maine people and strengthen the economy.

Funding for the Jobs Plan is through the federal American Rescue Plan Act, which allocated $4.5 billion in stimulus funds to Maine in 2021. Coordination of the Jobs Plan is led by the Department of Management and Financial Services of Maine and the Governor’s Office of Innovation and Policy. the future.

For more information about the Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan, visit maine.gov/jobsplan.

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