TXOne Networks partners with AFRY to protect vulnerable OT environments

TXOne Networks and AFRY join forces to protect the OT (Operational Technology) systems of their joint industrial customers in the Nordic countries against all types of cyber-attacks.

Combining TXOne Networks’ comprehensive solutions and service portfolio for security inspection, endpoint protection and network defense and AFRY’s deep industry knowledge in cybersecurity and risk management not only enables companies reduce the complexity of management. In addition, it ensures consistent security throughout the industry ecosystem in terms of design, engineering and technology.

TXOne Networks and AFRY’s AFRY X division will better equip industrial automation customers with the protection they need to safeguard today’s vulnerable OT environments and keep their operations running. The company’s ability to protect itself, respond to and recover from cybersecurity incidents will be strengthened. In a proof of concept, multiple TXOne products have already been identified that provide the necessary functionality that directly addresses real-world challenges.

Together, TXOne and AFRY supported this POC customer with virtual patching for unpatched systems, highly granular firewall control of OT network protocols, malware scanning and remediation on outdated technology, as well as the ability to manage challenges. real-life networking of a complex, multi-vendor production environment. In some cases, existing equipment was replaced.

Amir Nickel, Nordic Sales Director for TXOne Networks, says: “To further enhance our customer service and solution portfolio in the Nordics, we need a competent and experienced partner like AFRY. Together we provide the deep industry knowledge and local hands-on OT security experience needed to truly help customers and make a difference. Our common customers speak highly of the AFRY team and their goal-oriented service mentality, which is another proof for us that we made the right choice. We look forward to additional future projects.”

IT cybersecurity provider Trend Micro, the former parent company and solutions development partner of TXOne Networks, is involved in the partnership, as Andreas Christensen, Regional Director Nordics at Trend Micro, explains: “Trend Micro is experiencing strong growth. amazing at OT security. market in the Nordic countries and this partnership offers us a great opportunity to support our customers and partners. Nordic enterprises face a multitude of challenges in securing OT environments, and thanks to our partners, Trend Micro and TXOne are in the right place at the right time with the best products to secure the connected world of OT and IT. client”.

AFRY X is a leading Nordic digitization partner combining deep industry knowledge and capabilities within design, engineering and technology. They offer digital solutions that accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society in areas such as infrastructure networks, industry, energy and digitization. TXOne Networks is an expert in adaptive ICS/IIoT cybersecurity solutions and a pioneer in applying the “Zero Trust Cybersecurity” approach to the needs of OT networks.

This so-called “OT Zero Trust” approach to operational environments consists of three phases: network segmentation, scanning of inbound and mobile assets with a rapid scanning handheld, and endpoint protection with defensive solutions tailored to the type of endpoint (legacy or modernized). ). The companies complement each other in an ideal way.

Gustav Sandberg, Cyber ​​and Communication Systems Business Unit Manager at AFRY, emphasizes: “We see the need for strong players to holistically help companies deal with often neglected OT security for a safer society. and a competitive industry. Together, TXOne Networks and AFRY offer leading end-to-end solutions for understanding and managing risk in production equipment and systems. We provide the solutions to mitigate those risks and provide critical data. TXOne has proven to be a reliable supplier with reliable and unique products. This partnership is the start of a long and successful cooperation to protect industry and society and keep up with an ever-changing threat landscape and evolving industry, to the benefit of our joint customers.”

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