YHA revamp connects digital nomads to the future of work – Networking

Today’s digital nomads want to stay connected with friends and family, as well as work while traveling across the country, a trend that has become more pronounced since COVID-19 normalized hybrid work environments.

YHA, famous throughout its 85-year history for offering affordable accommodations to young tourists, now caters to a broader range of travelers and its 40 properties across the country still have the same friendly atmosphere for those who want to connect and socialize with others.

“Everyone wants reliable, convenient and secure Wi-Fi to stay connected with colleagues, friends and family,” says YHA Australia CEO Paul McGrath. Sustainability and a small carbon footprint are also a key part of YHA’s modern appeal, he adds.

Combining work and travel

Modern travelers want to access on-demand entertainment from streaming services like Netflix and combine travel with some work, which is why it has become essential for lodging providers like YHA to provide reliable, high-capacity internet service.

“YHA wanted to prepare for the future where work is no longer rooted in one place and high-speed Internet connectivity is the norm. We work closely with YHA to prepare for that future,” says Jon Evans of Enablis. “With our YHA network design, we optimize robust connectivity that brings a high-speed solution to business. nbn Enterprise Ethernet.* We were able to successfully digitize YHA’s network and greatly improve the user experience for their staff and more importantly their digital nomads.

“Business nbn Enterprise Ethernet has given our guests great speed and a great user experience,” adds McGrath.^

Moving to the cloud

Working with Enablis, YHA moved their applications to the cloud, which not only improved efficiency and scalability, but also allowed YHA staff to continue working and collaborating when COVID lockdowns made it impossible to go to the office.

At the same time, YHA has been renovating its properties as part of a major rebranding. New “Y-Hive” co-working spaces are an integral part of the new offering. Starting at YHA locations in Byron Bay and the Blue Mountains, the new Y-Hives promise the connectivity and convenience of a modern office accompanied by stunning natural surroundings.

New address

These changes, along with new food and beverage options and sustainable travel experiences, mark the beginning of a new journey for YHA, says the organization, and with the help of Enablis and companies nbn Enterprise Ethernet has taken some important steps toward its goal of becoming a leader in greener and more inclusive travel for decades to come.^

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