Entrepreneur Turns College Assignment Into Viable Business Introducing The Future Of Adhesive Bras

Rosie Mangiarotti introduces sustainable and affordable takes on a modern wardrobe staple while proudly supporting the Breast Cancer Research FoundationⓇ

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Dec. 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Perkies introduces the cleaner, more sustainable future of supportive bras with an intuitively redesigned model that is intuitively meant to be worn, washed and worn again – all thanks to the decisively modern update to reusable, removable and replaceable adhesives.

Perkies, which began as a college assignment for then-20-year-old Rosie Mangiarotti, is now the result of three years of in-depth research and development, designed to solve a host of real-world bra dilemmas while simultaneously , create a cleaner experience for those who use them and for the planet. . The brand and its founder have garnered accolades from Forbes, Medium, Brides and Buffer, proving it’s a must-have for women looking for the safe cover of a decidedly wallet-friendly wardrobe staple.

“Perkies Sticky Bra is the dream product I’ve been looking for all these years, until I decided to step up and create the solution myself!” shares Mangiarotti. “This modern update solves the problem of bras losing their ‘stick’ with a more hygienic, affordable and sustainable option.”

The original adhesive bra was a game changer for strapless, backless, and deep V-neck styles. However, the women traded one problem for another: sticky adhesive collecting dust, hair and dirt, all while becoming less sticky over time… until the entire piece was dumped in the landfill. Mangiarotti solves these problems (and more) with its patented medical-grade silicone adhesive design, layered for easy tab removal. Once the bra loses its “stickiness”, simply remove the top sticky layer to expose a fresh clean surface. When all the layers are worn, he replaces the adhesive pack ($12.99 for a set of two), in place of the entire bra, to help preserve 90% of today’s market waste.

In addition to increasing the size of AC breasts, Perkies is also proud to support the Breast Cancer Research FoundationⓇ, contributing 5% of website sales from a collection that includes:

Perkies Petals ($25): Perfect for post-mastectomy coverage or for that demure look. Premium reusable matte nipple covers are waterproof, washable and do not reflect through clothing. Available in three skin tones.

Perkies Nips ($35) – “Free the Nipples” with a set of premium reusable matte nipple enhancers for that desirable, evenly perky look – waterproof and washable design available in Light Nude or Medium Nude.

Perkies Sticky Bra ($48): Comfortable, flattering, clean and reliable, each bra (sizes AC) includes two sets of adhesives and a lingerie bag for easy washing.

Perkies Seamless Panty ($12): Ergonomic tailoring results in an ultra-comfortable seamless fit in five shades; inclusive size.

Perkies Fashion Strips ($12.99 for 16) – Keep clothing comfortably in place with skin-friendly, medical-grade adhesive strips designed for easy removal.

This holiday season, share the goodies with a special pack of stocking fillers ($50) featuring Perkies Petals and three seamless panties. Shop now at Perkies.com. Follow @myperkies on Instagram for style inspiration, real world reviews and brand updates.

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About Perkies:
Twenty-six year old founder Rosie Mangiarotti introduced Perkies in 2021 after three years of intensive research. The forward-thinking brand is the future of adhesive bras, introducing a cleaner, more sustainable collection of reusable adhesive necessities that can be washed and reused. Mangiarotti’s patented medical-grade silicone layered adhesive design is the solution to the vicious “wear and (eventually) throw away” cycle of yesterday’s sticky bras. Ella browse an ever-expanding collection of supportive must-haves at Perkies.com, including Perkies Petals, Perkies Nips and Perkies Seamless Panties, and find out how the brand gives back to breast cancer initiatives. She follows @myperkies on Instagram for style inspiration, real world reviews and brand updates.

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