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Lana Omar Hasouneh – Managing Director of Sputnik Solutions LLC

Ta’aleem aims to be the first rewarding website for all UAE students and teachers

Published: Wed 28 Dec 2022, 9:41

Last update: Wed 28 Dec 2022, 10:24

Under the vision of ‘Education for All’, United Arab Emirates-based Sputnik Solutions LLC has established the world’s first educational website of its kind – Ta’aleem, which is an extensive educational website, dedicated to all ages and ages. groups, who want to offer or obtain any of the various educational services with a differentiated reward system, which represents the first world revolution for sectors such as tourism, education, health, charity and retail as a whole.

“The global educational process is not comprehensive and lacks an instant gratifying mindset during learning,” says Lana Omar Hasouneh, CEO of Sputnik Solutions LLC and creator of the Ta’aleem website. Elaborating on his point, he says: “Parents around the world still view education as a long-term investment in their children, which will only pay for itself after many years. Furthermore, teachers and professors believe that education is a career with a time frame for them that ends once they retire.

Even educational institutions from schools to universities do not invest in retired professors and teachers.” However, Ta’aleem website is made for everyone from parents, students, teachers, seniors, schools, universities, institutions and individuals. of determination, and anyone who can teach any trade such as carpentry, tailoring, or a specialized job, to be identified by clients, employers, and headhunters Ta’aleem website offers integrated business growth programs for educational organizations, especially for schools considering correcting performance deviations, strategizing needs and meeting them, investing in teachers to join renowned programs to elevate the ranking of schools nationally, and the same goes for students.

The website offers programs that can nurture talent from an early age, to be recruited as soon as they graduate and prioritized for scholarships. The website also aims to digitize the business models of traditional libraries, join the e-commerce sector to earn more revenue and expand its customer base.

The reward system

Every registered user receives a good rating in the personal profile or achieves an achievement in terms of academic performance or special activities such as volunteer work or reading stories when it comes to children, (which will be given on the special platform for children), and for teachers who are working individually or in an institution with good performance marks, and for the determined people who offer a service in Ta’aleem, will be able to obtain personalized rewards that fit their interests, through the alliances of the site Websites established with different retail stores and businesses that are related to: health (such as getting deals and discounts at nearby clinics, pharmacies, or hospitals), sports (such as gyms, sportswear stores), restaurants, online clothing and cosmetics stores, and offline, online stores and offline supermarkets, beauty salons, bookstores to name a few. The rewards are endless.

The special thing about the website is that it aims to be a growth partner for its users, helping them to be educational ambassadors, especially in the educational tourism sector. Ta’aleem provides a distinctive package, giving access to conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions with the service of providing an accompanying professional colleague. Apart from this, it also allows users to receive education from specialists and experienced people, who can provide guidance in furthering the professional career. Since Ta’aleem values ​​the individuality of the person, this would contribute to the development of the charitable sector as donations will not only include students with excellent final grades, but also students with acceptable final grades with distinction in a particular subject or interest. .

Hasouneh concluded: “Education has to be a journey where a person is rewarded for every step they take towards personal development, and not a bumpy road filled with long hours of exhaustion and stress just during exams, and Ta ‘aleem intends to bring about that change.”

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