Is it possible to manifest the life you want?

Roxi Nafousi with Manifest: Dive Deeper (Image: Supplied)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of the manifestation. You could have even tried. In fact, Roxie Nafousi’s book, Manifest: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life, was the self-development title seen last year. Everyone from Rochelle Humes to Frankie Bridge to Bella Hadid was seen with a copy. So what was it that got people hooked?

On Instagram, the hashtag #manifest has been used more than 8.3 million times and on TikTok the term #manifest has had 12.1 billion views.

People claim to have manifested everything from boyfriends and money to vacations and dream careers, but can it really be as simple as envisioning the life you want and it will happen, as if by magic?

For those calling it New Age woo-woo, Roxie is quick to say that it’s not all about thinking and feeling positive thoughts. And it is not the same as the law of attraction (positive thoughts bring positive results).

“Manifestation is a self-development practice,” he says. ‘It’s not just about having a positive mindset and visualization, although that’s part of it. It’s about self-confidence, empowerment and taking action. It is a very damaging misconception that you simply “think” things in your life and that is why manifesting is getting a bad rap. People think it’s bullshit since you can’t just “think” what you want and expect it to happen.

‘Manifesting is not passive, it’s very proactive and it’s about empowering yourself to make things happen.’

Manifesto: Dive Deeper

It’s Roxie’s second self-help book (Image: Supplied)

In her first book, Roxie explained the seven fundamentals associated with manifestation: be clear in your vision, eliminate fear and doubt, align your behavior, overcome the tests of the universe, embrace gratitude, turn envy into inspiration, and trust in yourself. the universe. .

His second book, Manifest: Dive Deeper, published two weeks ago, takes an in-depth look at how you actively manifest and is full of exercises for the concepts behind it.

“For many people, my first book was the first time they started exploring self-help,” he says.

But manifesting is changing who you are and your beliefs. It’s about becoming your future self, making a transformation into what you subconsciously believe you are worthy of, and healing old wounds that might have formed in childhood. You may understand the concept of something like focusing on internal validation, rather than external validation, but how do you do that in practice? The exercises are designed to increase self-awareness and allow people to be their own healers.’

As an ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation, Roxie says that self-confidence and self-love should be at the center of your manifestation practice. ‘We are all limited by our insecurities and doubts. But the first step in manifestation is to have a clear vision and the second step is to remove fear and doubt. That means trying to overcome the blocks we put in front of ourselves that prevent us from reaching our full potential.’

Other Demonstration Aids Worth Checking Out

The Manifestation App

The app combines positive psychology and astrology (Image: Supplied)

The app combines positive psychology and astrology (Image: Supplied)

Astrologer and manifestation coach Dalila Salgueiro combines positive psychology and astrology to help you get what you want in life. The platform uses daily quotes, manifestation tasks, affirmations, and journals to improve your self-confidence.

A £29.99 per year subscription to The Manifesting App

Seven Week Training Program Create Your 2023

aysha bell

Aysha Bell is a transformational coach (Image: DB Photography)

Sign up for transformational coach Aysha Bell’s course and let her help empower you. He uses meditation, yoga, chakras, visual manifestation, and energy clearing.

A seven week course for £1,750 from Aysha Bell

The art of manifesting

Learn how to harness your powers and learn how to manifest them (Image: Provided)

Learn how to harness your powers and learn how to manifest them (Image: Provided)

A practical guide with easy techniques and strategies that will inspire you to discover how to harness your powers and create change.

Buy for £9 from Amazon

Headspace display mediation

Head space

The app helps stimulate your brain through special visualization techniques (Image: Supplied)

This mindfulness app has a guided imagery technique to stimulate the brain, and athletes use this type of imagery to improve performance and increase focus.

A subscription for £49.99 per year from Headspace

Manifesting Love and Prosperity: How to Attract the Happiness You Deserve

Change the way you think with a view to changing your life (Image: supplied)

Change the way you think with a view to changing your life (Image: supplied)

Author Carolyn Boyes teaches you how to use the Law of Attraction to change the way you think and change your reality. It offers simple rituals, goal setting, and intentions to help you move forward.

Shop for £9.99 from Waterstones

Demonstration is all about changing your narrative. There is a lot of self-reflection involved, and you use practices like mindfulness, visualization, affirmations, and mood boards to work toward a life that makes you feel more content and fulfilled. “It’s not magic,” Roxie adds. ‘You can’t claim to win the lottery. It’s not about luck. You cannot manifest anything that is completely out of your control.

One of the first things to start your journey is to create a vision board. But what if you don’t have time for something so creative?

“This is something sacred that is done once a year,” says Roxie. ‘Everything you do impacts and builds your self-confidence, including the routines you have, the boundaries you set, and how you treat yourself. We are all busy and stressed, but we should make time for the things that feed us. Manifestation is not about spending 15 minutes meditating every day, it is a way of being.’

Manifesto: Roxie Nafousi’s Dive Deeper is out now, £16.99 (Penguin)

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